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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Not sure what I think about this

I made this with the intention of having it be something that made me feel happy, strong, independent, unique.  Well, I used it today... and it didn't do those things.  It made me feel angry. 
It reminded me that I'm not good at visual art.  The design was dumb, even if the glaze had turned out right. We all have our moments of poor taste. I have more of them than others, especially when it comes to visuals.
And it reminded me of how dumb I can be. Why can't I do things in normal, time-tested ways? Sometimes creativity and resourcefulness lead to seeing paths where there are none.  Occasionally that magical mindset works, and a secret highway opens up to lost treasures; a lot of times that mindset leads to getting your limbs bloodied in brambles or your forehead bruised against a brick wall.
It reminded me that sometimes I trust people and they let me down.
That sometimes I work really hard on something, and it fails spectacularly.
That most people don't care about things as intensely as I do.

So, the mug just wasn't working for me...

Maybe I'm being melodramatic. Forgive me this moment of emotional ridiculousness.

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