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Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Parable of the Woman Who Cried

A mother of 3 was making supper for her family. While chopping the onions, the knife slipped, and she sliced her finger open, creating a large and painful wound.

Her youngest child walked into the room and asked, "Why is Mommy crying?"

The eldest, Consor, answered, "She is crying because she was cutting onions. The vapors irritated her eyes. Clearly, our sense of entitlement for food is a drain on our dear mother. What we need to do is feed ourselves instead of lazily relying on Mommy to be our nanny."

The middle child, Libby, retorted, "How can you be so backward? How would we be a family if we didn't eat together? Mommy is crying because the knife slipped and cut her finger. What we need is better regulations of knife design and manufacturing, making accidents like this less frequent."

Who was right?


  1. Since I am a mere woman, I shall go find a man who has spent his life savings on many years of studying parables in order to have him tell me the correct interpretation. And I shall do so quickly, as I am addicted to certainty and satisfaction, and therefore I MUST GO RIGHT NOW!!!