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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Goddess, part 1

I haven't been too sure what to think about the goddess movement.  I'm not a fan of deities of any kind, really, so I just ignore most paganist stuff. Not really my bag, though I'm happy that others find it useful.  I will say, I was happy to free myself from a masculine-only concept of God, when I was identifying as a Christian, but all my years of being steeped in traditional Christianity made me uncomfortable addressing God as "she" in my prayers. I don't have that problem anymore... but then again, I rarely pray with words anymore, except as knee-jerk reactions to anxiety, or in social situations where it is appropriate. (I do find myself in wordless prayerful attitudes, where I imagine connecting with a higher energy, and flowing thoughts of love or peace to the people I'm praying for.)

However, at a symbolic level, a mythical level, goddesses are fun to think about.  They provide a validity for femininity, a rich and varied set of models for what it means to be female.  They can be a refreshing break from the extremely narrow definition of femininity in our society.

Who knows, maybe there are powerful spiritual entities that are mainly feminine, that can influence us.  I'm not ruling out the remote possibility. 

Several months ago, while shopping at the Dollar Store (of all places!) I saw a piece of art that called to me.  It was irresistible, and I still don't know why.  It's not my normal preferred style of art, and I'm neither Catholic nor Mexican, but I just had to get this painting.  And it was affordable. Here it is on my bedroom wall:

 My logical brain finds the story behind Our Lady of Guadalupe suspicious. It provided a convenient way for the conquering Spaniards to convince the pagan locals to adopt their religion -- the Marian apparition wore the blue-green color considered divine by the indegenous Aztecs, her face was originally dark like theirs, and many other subtle cues in the icon were meant to provide a bridge for the locals to be able to look favorably on Catholicism. Personally, I doubt the apparition actually happened.

Phenomenologically, though Our Lady of Guadalupe has been a huge success.  She has been a cultural "rubber-band" to unite the disparate entities in the country of Mexico.  Wars have been fought in her name, yes, which is bad, but she was on the side of those seeking to overthrow oppression and dominance, which justifies it, a little bit.  But she has provided comfort, solidarity, and reassurance to thousands of people over the centuries. Overall, I think, she has been a positive force.

I'm not sure what any of this has to do with me, but I find myself mysteriously inspired, still, when I see this (otherwise tacky artistically-speaking... it's very pop-art-ish...) painting on my wall.  Do I have a goddess trying to speak to me?

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