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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Goddess, part 2

There was an offer for a free mini-reading by a Kabbalistic astrologer lately. Gotta admit, a lot of articles on that site go right on over my head, but I signed up for the free mini-reading.  What she said resonated with me in many ways.

Your north node is in Cancer in the first house. You are here to reconnect with the goddess and to channel the divine feminine through your own strengths and gifts. Jupiter’s transit through Cancer will increase the goddess energy in the world at large. You have many planets in the fourth house which could indicate strong past lives of a more masculine nature. With Venus in the 8th house in Aquarius, you are being guided by great women and sacred muses of the past to bring forth beauty in this age. You have gifts of creativity and a strong individualistic streak. You are motivated by a sense of service and have a strong work ethic. With the moon at your midheaven in Pisces, your career will involve sharing your creative gifts through the world....  On a deeper level north node in Cancer could also be growing towards nurturing or teaching others, or opening to unconditional love as a source of musical inspiration. With Jupiter at 6deg13′ Scorpio in your 5th house you have some heavenly assistance with your music. ...

I liked this reading.  There's a lot to unpack there, but I was particularly curious about the "goddess" part. 
As I said before, I'm ambiguous about the goddess idea (and the god idea too), but I do feel that our society needs more variety in what is considered "feminine."  So I'm not particularly offended by the word "goddess." 

The person doing this reading didn't know I am, in fact, deeply creative, so it was encouraging to read her telling me to develop my creative gifts, and that "great women and sacred muses of the past" could help me in this.  In fact, I have been strongly inspired by great women of the past, such as Hildegaard von Bingen. 
(Did you know, 350 years before Da Vinci made his Vitruvian Man, Hildegaard, a woman, created this:

I wrote a choir piece using some of Hildegaard's text a couple years ago, and it's my only published piece so far.

And sometimes when I compose, I do feel I rely heavily on "heavenly assistance" (a term which I only say to quote the reading, and because there's really not a good replacement term for it yet. I prefer to reference the ancient Greek concept of "muses," which I don't believe in literally, but it references the mysterious, transcendent quality I sometimes feel when I create art.)

Anyway, imagination is a powerful tool, and maybe imagining goddesses helping me through life could be beneficial.  If I suspend disbelief just enough to let it help me, maybe...

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